I’m a proponent of tagging notes in Evernote. If you are too, you might find this tip useful: Entering -tag:* into the search field displays all untagged notes. From here you can go through the results and apply the proper tags. I run this exercise a couple of times a month to make sure everything is neat and tidy.

Search in Evernote for Mac

Here’s what it looks like on Evernote for Mac.


Here’s Evernote for web.

You may want to consider saving the search for future use. To do so (on the Mac desktop app), go to the edit menu / find / save search.

Save a search in Evernote

Want to take Evernote search even further? PC World has six great tips right here.

You may also want check out BrettKelly’s Evernote Essentials e-book. Click this affiliate link to buy your copy.

From my DayOne journal…

I don’t know much about the house I was born in, but I can vividly remember our house in Toronto. It was old, but bright and warm. After a couple of years we had the basement remodelled and I would spend just about every night down there on the sofa bed.

I’d spend most of Spring break playing with my G.I. Joe figures. I’d spread them out all over the basement stairs and along the railings and laundry room floor.

At some point my dad decided to punch out the living room walls and let the light from the covered stained glass windows shine through. The multicoloured brilliance of midday would reflect off the eggshell white paint and I felt just great about that. I’m guessing that was 30 years ago.

Tonight I tried writing an obituary for my Dad — a small tribute that runs in The Salvation Army’s magazine. I can think of a thousand and one things to say about Dad, but the act of putting it in writing is just exhausting. It’s painful too.

This hurt is lingering and doesn’t seem to be letting up. I’m not who I used to be, this much is true. I don’t write anymore. I cancel out memories of my childhood because every time I recall good times I do the math: You know, back then, he only had X number of years left…so stupid. It does’t make sense, but it’s what I do. For now at least.

My stained glass windows are covered over, and I don’t have the strength or even the willpower to do anything about it. In time perhaps I will. I’ll stop cancelling my memories and doing the math and everything will feel a little more “normal.” In time.

If you have a job without aggravations, you don’t have a job.

Malcolm Forbes

Here’s a s scenario: You have an assistant who handles the social media side of your business. Everything you (and your team) wants posted to the web gets routed through this person. How can you quickly send items to their attention without flooding their inbox with requests? The solution is simple, enter Evernote.

Let’s walk through a basic notebook setup, whereby you can communicate directly with your assistant and send specific instructions in the process. Continue Reading…

Writing at a glanceI may never be a professional writer, but I can become a better writer. It is in this pursuit that I have begun reading How to Write Short: Word Craft for Fast Times by Roy Peter Clark.

In his text, Mr Clark stresses the importance of presenting copy in small at-a-glance doses. Think short book endorsements (or “advance praise”) you might see on the back cover of a paperback novel.

“The at-a-glance experience is so valuable that writers and editors must take care not to undermine its effect. In other words, don’t break up a small text into smaller texts. Make sure it is published—in total—on a single page or screen. Online, add links as you must, but don’t clutter the text with so many opportunities to escape that the straight one-two-three meaning is lost.”

As a blogger, what I find interesting in this statement is the challenge to keep hyperlinks to a minimum. This goes against most SEO strategists advice to load your posts with outbound links.

I would like to hear from other bloggers on this topic. How do you manage links while maintaining ease of readability.

Perhaps an alternate strategy might be to list links as footnotes, like this:

Amazon affiliate link: How to Write Short: Word Craft for Fast Times